We’re going on a trip!

The last time I visited Vietnam was when I was 9 years old, which was over a decade ago (!). My family and I have been in talks to visit Vietnam as a family for quite some time. My parents usually visit Vietnam solo every other year, as all of their immediate family still live there, but it has been difficult to arrange a trip for the whole family together because of work and school. (Since Asia is so far from North America and travelling there costs quite a bit more than pocket change, it’s worth your while to plan on staying in Asia for at least 3 weeks to get the most out of it).

BUT this year we decided to turn plans into action – our passports would expire in March so what better time to go than when they’re renewed!* Plus, I am finally free from the clutches of university (I don’t miss you, midterms and summer courses!), so can finally enjoy myself, haha.

So the next steps are deciding on a date to go, booking some tickets and getting vacation time approved at work!

*Also, note that when travelling to Vietnam, you’ll also need to obtain a visa. One time, my dad was all set to go, but when we arrived at the airport, he couldn’t board the plane because he forgot to renew his visa – so remember to apply for a visa ahead of time!


4 thoughts on “We’re going on a trip!

  1. South East Asian visas are so important!! Great advice!!

    I’m so stoked to hear that you’re boarding a plane for an adventure!
    I just finished uni too, so I am empathetic to the suffocating clutches of assignments and deadlines.
    Since I finished, I’ve been on the road and am about to head to Japan again in a couple days!
    But I’ve never been to Vietnam so can’t wait to read about your trip!

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    1. Thanks Ryan!! I’m new to blogging so thanks for visiting! Yes exactly, enjoy the freedom, my friend! That’s amazing, hope you have a great time, and share your photos! 🙂 Hope to share more about my trip too!

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      1. Well keep up the blogging!
        The world needs more honest stories to engage with!!

        And I have photos on my blog – feel free to check em out 🙂
        I’ll keeping an eye out for your content 🙂

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