Mission: Vacation approval at work

We decided that the best time to go for vacation would be end of May to mid-June. It would be a good time for my little brother to wrap things up at school, and in Vietnam, my cousins would be off then for summer vacation.

I work in Finance and my unit has been seriously short-staffed (went from 10 staff down to 6, and, as luck would have it, this happened during fiscal year-end, the craziest time of year in the Finance/ Accounting world), so I was initially really hesitant to be asking for some time off. I worked a lot of overtime and actually took over portfolios that would’ve been normally managed by 3 separate people, which was unconventional for a junior staff who had only been on the team for 8 months!

Thankfully, after fiscal year-end was over in April (we made it out alive!), management was able to hire more staff. Thank goodness, because I was starting to feel a little burned out.

Also, around the same time, my mom was able to book tickets for the dates we that wanted – before I even asked my manager if I could take the time off! That was a gamble, which made me stress out about the possibility of my manager not approving my vacation! I was also feeling a little sheepish about asking for almost a month off for vacation as a junior staff, but you know what – YOLO. I kinda deserve a vacation after going through all that stress at work when we were short-staffed!

After mustering up some courage to finally request vacation, thankfully again, my manager approved! Ahh, such a relief! I had some hope that it would work out since my manager and I are pretty tight, and she was also nice enough to let me put extra overtime hours towards vacation too. Time to get the ball rolling!

With about a month and a half left at the office before vacation, I whipped out my calendar to plan what I needed to do before then. For work, this included training the new staff, tying up some loose ends for my projects and transferring them to my colleagues, and preparing for my performance evaluation meeting with my manager. Outside of work, this included meeting up with friends before we all leave for vacation, and lots of shopping and packing. Leggo!


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