Planners gonna plan + Surprise news

I’m usually the one who takes the reins on planning out a trip, which I don’t mind doing (takes some effort, but it can be fun), but this time around, our family in Hanoi, Vietnam were gracious enough to be our hosts and guides! So with the itinerary and accommodations taken care of through family, and all I have to focus on is packing.

AND THEN, one day, my mom called me at work to tell me that… we’ll be visiting Thailand too for 5 days! This brought a huge smile to my face. Getting so excited now, ahh!

I made a list of things to pack and shop for, which would be pretty similar to what I’ve done for other trips, with the addition of buying some gifts for family. But what is tricky for me every time I travel is picking what clothes to bring! I’ll have to filter through my wardrobe to see what will be good for the 30-40°C summer weather in Vietnam and Thailand (definitely not what I’m used to in Canada and it’s actually cloudy/ rainy right now at home – crazy difference!).

Once all the luggage is finalized, I’ll post about what we’re bringing along – stay tuned.
(Really just wishing that the luggage could pack itself!)


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