Departure: Canada ✈️ HKG > HAN

Flight Itinerary (local time):
May 28 – 1:50am depart to Hong Kong; arrive at 5:00am (15 hours)
May 29 – 8:30am depart to Hanoi, VN; arrive at 9:35am (2 hours)

Saturday, May 27th was our last day at home before setting off on our trip, and we were literally packing everything up until the last minute! With our luggages ready, we were all set to head to the airport at around 10:00pm – until my mom realized that she lost her glasses during the chaos of packing… of all the times that this could happen! After some frantic running around the house, she finally found them in her purse – the first place we looked, of course, haha. Cue sigh of relief as we all piled into our SUV.

The drive to the airport was filled with excitement as we ran through our checklists and talked about Vietnam. I’ve always liked driving through the city downtown core at night when it reveals its alter-ego – peaceful streets with shadows contouring the buildings and the warm glow of streetlights guiding us through the night. A nice way to reflect on home before going away.

Meanwhile, my dad has his ‘80s and ‘90s electronic/dance playlist blasting through the car stereo – yeah our family listens to EDM, haha. (Side story: My parents were born in Vietnam, but spent most of their young adulthood on exchange in Germany, so I was raised on listening to ‘80s Eurodance music that played in German discothèques, which I’ve grown fond of, haha. Though the meaning of the English lyrics don’t exactly make 100% sense, the songs are hella catchy). Quality music was made in the ‘80s, I’d have to say, so what better way to get pumped up for a trip! 😂

Exhibit A: “Hey Hey Guy” by Ken Laszlo (Italian ‘80s Eurodance singer)

Going through the airport was a breeze, better than I expected – checked in, went through security, then chilled until our first flight to Hong Kong. Boarded at about 1:00am of Sunday, May 28th, got settled in our seats and played around with the personal TV. I found out that you can view the outdoor camera to see the outside of the plane, by the front landing wheels. I had this on during the plane taxi and take-off, and felt as giddy as a kid while watching the plane lift off the ground and seeing the city lights become smaller and smaller specs as we ascended. 15 hours to go until we reach our transfer point, Hong Kong.

Flight was smooth, and the service on the plane was great and the meals were actually pretty decent. For “supper” at 2:30am EST, we had quinoa salad; bread & butter; mashed potatoes with gravy, beef, baked beans and cooked veggies; and Häagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert. Full tummy, nap on and off for a few hours, and woke up at 9:30am EST. Did walks around the plane, checked the views out the window as we were flying over some snowy mountains, picked up some snacks and fruit, and then had instant noodles before napping again. Got up, walked around again and watched some TV – at this point, I’m in an “are we there yet? my legs are cramped” mood. “Breakfast” was around 2:00am HKT on Monday, May 29th – which means we’re landing soon! – we were served fruit salad; raisin bread; mushroom frittata with bacon and hash potatoes; and yogurt. And look how cute these containers are, haha:

At 4:50am we landed in Hong Kong. Immediately after stepping out of the plane, I felt the heat – Hong Kong was a nice 26°C, compared to the crisp 15°C back home in Canada. After checking in, we freshened up in the bathroom – this is where the face towel and toothbrush/paste packed in the carry-on that I mentioned earlier come in really handy. The HKIA airport is massive and provided ample shopping with all the different shops. Walked around the airport and picked up some Matcha Green Tea Frapps at the Starbucks – luckily, before I left the office, one of my co-workers, who recently came back from his trip to Southern Vietnam, kindly gave me HK$100 (roughly CA$17) and told me to grab some expensive coffee during the layover! Then, I caught up on some blogging before we boarded our next plane at 7:50am.

We’re getting closer!!



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