Home in Hanoi, VN

The photo above is of the beautiful terrace of my mom's family home in Hanoi. You can get a bird's eye view of the streets and people, and it's the first place I like to go before breakfast. We hopped into my uncle’s car and headed to my mom’s family home. It was a nice … Continue reading Home in Hanoi, VN


Arrival 📍Hanoi, VN

After a short, 2-hour flight from Hong Kong, we finally landed in Hanoi, Vietnam at 10:00am ICT. Still in disbelief that we were in another continent, as it just felt like we sat down, woke up and were magically transported there. I took a moment to appreciate the capability of humans to invent the airplane … Continue reading Arrival 📍Hanoi, VN

Departure: Canada ✈️ HKG > HAN

Flight Itinerary (local time): May 28 - 1:50am depart to Hong Kong; arrive at 5:00am (15 hours) May 29 - 8:30am depart to Hanoi, VN; arrive at 9:35am (2 hours) Saturday, May 27th was our last day at home before setting off on our trip, and we were literally packing everything up until the last … Continue reading Departure: Canada ✈️ HKG > HAN

Planners gonna plan + Surprise news

I’m usually the one who takes the reins on planning out a trip, which I don't mind doing (takes some effort, but it can be fun), but this time around, our family in Hanoi, Vietnam were gracious enough to be our hosts and guides! So with the itinerary and accommodations taken care of through family, … Continue reading Planners gonna plan + Surprise news

Mission: Vacation approval at work

We decided that the best time to go for vacation would be end of May to mid-June. It would be a good time for my little brother to wrap things up at school, and in Vietnam, my cousins would be off then for summer vacation. I work in Finance and my unit has been seriously … Continue reading Mission: Vacation approval at work

We’re going on a trip!

The last time I visited Vietnam was when I was 9 years old, which was over a decade ago (!). My family and I have been in talks to visit Vietnam as a family for quite some time. My parents usually visit Vietnam solo every other year, as all of their immediate family still live there, … Continue reading We’re going on a trip!