Home in Hanoi, VN

The photo above is of the beautiful terrace of my mom's family home in Hanoi. You can get a bird's eye view of the streets and people, and it's the first place I like to go before breakfast. We hopped into my uncle’s car and headed to my mom’s family home. It was a nice … Continue reading Home in Hanoi, VN


Arrival 📍Hanoi, VN

After a short, 2-hour flight from Hong Kong, we finally landed in Hanoi, Vietnam at 10:00am ICT. Still in disbelief that we were in another continent, as it just felt like we sat down, woke up and were magically transported there. I took a moment to appreciate the capability of humans to invent the airplane … Continue reading Arrival 📍Hanoi, VN

Mission: Vacation approval at work

We decided that the best time to go for vacation would be end of May to mid-June. It would be a good time for my little brother to wrap things up at school, and in Vietnam, my cousins would be off then for summer vacation. I work in Finance and my unit has been seriously … Continue reading Mission: Vacation approval at work

We’re going on a trip!

The last time I visited Vietnam was when I was 9 years old, which was over a decade ago (!). My family and I have been in talks to visit Vietnam as a family for quite some time. My parents usually visit Vietnam solo every other year, as all of their immediate family still live there, … Continue reading We’re going on a trip!